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To the Top! 2018 Stair Climb Fundraising, February 16, 2018

Each year Pierce County Fire District 13 (PCFD13) volunteer firefighters/EMTs participate in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb to raise funding for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The climb is happening in March. The firefighters gear up and climb the stairs up to 788 feet of vertical elevation, 69 flights of stairs, with 1,356 steps. This climb can be a challenge for anyone in good physical condition; imagine doing it wearing 60 pounds of extra clothing and an air tank on your back!

So, why are 12 firefighters with PCFD13 partaking in the adventure? I took a moment to interview Lieutenant Michaud and ask him such questions:

Q) How many firefighters are participating in this year's climb?

A) This year, we have 12 members participating as members of the PCFD #13 team.

Q) Why are you doing the climb?

A) I am participating in the climb because Cancer has been a big part of my life. Growing up I saw how it affected each member of my family that had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Some had good days and were able to go on about their day as if nothing was wrong while others were in so much pain and were limited by the disease; I couldn’t help but wish there was something I could do. Now I’m in a position to have a positive effect on those affected by Cancer by helping be apart of the effort to raise money in support of ongoing research to find the cure and help educated those who many not know much about cancer as a whole.

Q) How many times have you done the climb?

A) This will be my third year participating in the stair-climb

Q) When are the upcoming fundraisers?

A) Our next fundraiser will be at the North 47 Brewery on 2/22/2018 @ approximately 1830.

Q) Anything else you want to share?

A) This is an amazing event to be a part of and I’m honored to be participating for the third year in a row with many more in my future. This event brings so many of us together to not only support the cause, but to honor the memory of those taken from their loved ones. What many people may not know is this is not a Washington specific event, I’ve had the opportunity to meet firefighters from all over the world(Chile, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) we believe in the cause so deeply we travel great distance to participate and dedicate ourselves to this fight. As we climb the 69 floors consisting of 1,356 steps with a 788’ increase in elevation we see pictures of those that are fighting or lost the fight on every floor, driving us to push ourselves, to not give up, and be strong just as they are as they continue to battle this disease.

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