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PCFD13 Teaches CPR/AED & First Aid Training Seabury Middle School Junior Counselor Workshop, June 22, 2019

Each year Seabury Middle School hosts a variety of summer camps. To get the summer started they have a two-and-a-half day Leadership Counselor Workshop! On day 2, Pierce County Fire District 13 is invited to present First Aid & CPR/AED and Fire Extinguisher Training to the youth attending the workshop.

This year EMT Randy Thompson and Public Information Officer, Leah Hensley taught eight youth how to save lives. The youth learn how to do adult, child and infant CPR, use an AED and basic first aid.

At the end of the day three volunteer firefighter/EMT Amanda Weed did a brief presentation on fire safety. The focus of the lecture was to focus on eliminating fire hazards, how to escape a house on fire, and how to put out a small fire if one exists.

Lieutenant Charles Mell, FF/EMT Amanda Weed and FF/EMT Lisa Fry, then helped the students practice using the fire extinguisher simulator. The simulator allows the youth to practice putting out a small fire without the need for a live-fire.

See you all next year!