November 5th Election

October 10, 2019

Browns Point/Dash Point Fire Department


Fire District #13 - Mission Statement
In partnership with the community, create a safer Fire District by providing the best possible fire and EMS services protecting the lives, property and environment of our citizens.

EMS Lid Lift Facts

Proposition 1 renews the Emergency        
Medical Services Levy, which provides
funds necessary to operate and maintain
emergency medical services (EMS) within

the Browns Point and Dash Point areas.


 Fact: This is not a new tax. If approved, the
lid lift will return funding to the previous voter-approved level of 50 cents per-
thousand of assessed property value.

Fact: All EMS property tax revenue paid by
Fire District #13 residents stays within
the Fire District and is used to support
Emergency Medical Service.

Fact: The full levy rate is needed to keep
pace with increases in operating costs, maintain and replace training equipment, offset the rising cost of medical supplies while responding to a
continuing rise in call volume.  EMS makes up
80-90% of the call volume of PCFD#13.

Fact: If approved, the lid lift would raise approximately $105,000 in 2020 – the first
year the Fire District would receive the increased revenues.  Additional revenues would be used to upgrade our cardiac monitor, aid us in going to a State required paperless reporting system and provide for additional required State and County medical training.

Fact: The BP/DP Fire District #13 EMS rate of.30 per thousand ranks 13th lowest out of 13
Pierce County fire districts.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is the lid lift necessary?

  • District voters have previously authorized a rate of 50 cents per thousand of assessed property value for emergency medical service (EMS).  That amount has fallen to less than 30 cents per thousand.  This does not provide enough revenue to keep pace with inflation/increases in operating costs, maintaining EMS infrastructure items and supporting increasing call volumes.  To overcome this limitation and provide adequate service for our area, voters are being asked to consider ballot Proposition 1, (19-304).

Q:  How much will the lid lift cost me?

  • Returning the lid lift to its previous level will cost an estimated additional 20 cents per thousand of assessed property value.  That works out to about $70 additional per year for a $350,000 home and $90 a year for a $450,000 home.

Q:  How will the additional funds be used?

  • As noted previously, funds will be used to support direct EMS related expenses, including replacement of the existing aid vehicle (new in 2001).  

Q:  Where can I get more information?

  • Additional information can be found on the Browns Point/Dash Point website ( or by calling Chief Jim Wassall, 253-952-4776.  


Resolution Statement (19-304)
The management of Fire District 13 is proposing that a ballot measure be submitted to the voters of the district to re-authorize the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) component of the tax levy back to the previously voter-approved $.50 per thousand of assessed valuation from the current rate of .30 cents per thousand.  (The Fire segment of the levy would not change from the current $1.00 per thousand assessed value).  The $.50 per thousand amount was previously authorized by the voters in 2000 and a majority vote would restore this prior authorized rate.



Comparison to Other Pierce County Fire Districts  (based on assessments for 2019)




 Lid Lift Levy Impact:  

  • .20 cent tax adjustment per $1,000 of property assessed value

  • Overall impact to total tax estimated at 1.1%



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